Heartfullness Start’U’P programme of 6 days in Asian group of colleges

Asian Group of Colleges organized Heartfulness Start’U’P Programme

Under the directions of Mr. Tarsem Saini, Chairman, Asian Group Of Colleges organized a six days "Heartfulness: Enable Leadership Mastery Programme", from 17 May, 2021 to 22 May, 2021.

It is a unique programme, which is aligned with NEP 2020 for complete excellence of the campus. In this programme students gained how to connect with their inner-self, and access their core values, strength and skills, how they can make their right choices and respond to challenging situations in life. In this six days Start’U’P Programme, students also practiced for Heartfulness, Relaxation Meditation and Regulation Techniques. Students also learnt about Heartfulness Mediation Techniques Application, the "HeartApp". By installing this App they can take full benefits of techniques.