Institution Performance

Institution Performance in a Distinctive Area

The working of the institution is guided by and oriented by its vision and mission statements. The institution believes that its first and foremost duty is to ensure the inclusive and affordable quality education. In terms of quality, education must ensure multiple skill development of its students, inculcate life-long learning in them in order to make then globally competent, ethically strong beings, forming potent human resource for the country. To cater to this objective, different mechanisms are adopted which are given below:

Inclusive and Affordable Education
Inclusive and affordable education is a difficult venture in the phase of privatization when profit is the only buzzword. Since this institution was envisaged by its founders to take education to the doorsteps of needy and deserving masses, so resources have never been a problem.

To help the needy and deserving students, Government schemes relating to Scheduled Caste, Other Backward Classes and Minorities are fully utilized. Students are made aware about the schemes, they are helped by the staff to apply and their cases are actively pursued with the concerned departments for clearance. To create awareness among the target groups, our teams visit the villages, schools and social places to propagate the scholarship schemes. The data of such students is collected from house to house visits or some other database agencies. Time and again they are followed through phone, email, WhatsApp or other social media; they are motivated and brought to the admission desk. Institution invests in advance a huge amount of student cost which is reimbursed partially by the Govt. and that also after a couple of years. For meritorious students, institution has also designed its own schemes. For economically poor students, fees are charged at a discounted rate and easy installments are made. As per University norms, fee is to be charged in two installments but the institution extends it to large number of installments. To the needy, sometimes help is extended for books, clothes and other maintenance charges.

Academic Activities
The institution offers a blend of traditional and modern education through its academic programs. These programs are at degree, diploma and postgraduate diploma levels and add to specific and general skill development in students. A good number of these programs have a vocational content which prepares the students for particular vocations. Classroom teaching is supplemented with use of ICT techniques like Power Point presentations and audio visual aids.

For professional courses, the institution also organizes seminars and workshops for and with the participation of students. The students get exposure to research when they are involved in research activities under the supervision of teachers. Innovation and research is promoted in students by providing them infrastructural and ethical support.

Skill Development through Co-curricular Activities
Efforts are made to identify and bring out the hidden talent and latent potential of the students so as to promote their all round growth. This is done in two main areas: Sports and other co-curricular activities.

The institution offers a variety of games to its students. To promote, sports a number of facilities are offered to the player students which include fee concessions and full freeships. The institution has the required infrastructure for most of the games that it offers to its students. Some of our students have achieved positions in Boxing, taekwondo.

Other Co-curricular Activities:
Opportunities for participation in other co-curricular activities are also ensured for students. The institution offers a wide variety of cultural events and activities to its students. These students are given opportunities to express their talent through participation in youth festivals and other literary, artistic and cultural competitions. Students excelling in these activities are encouraged and promoted by offering them liberal concessions. Besides, a number of poster making, slogan writing debate and declamation contests are organized which contribute to skill development of students side by side sensitize them to different social problems.

Skill Development through Participation in Activities
The institution lays emphasis on developing lifelong skills in its students. Skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, leadership, communication, collaboration, adaptability etc are developed in students through various activities and processes. To promote a sense of responsibility among students and to increase their active participation in activities aiming at development of these skills, a Student council, of class representatives, has been formed which helps in guiding the organization about various academic and co-curricular activities. Students also learn event management while organizing activities. Similarly various social sensitization activities such as marches and rallies on AIDS Awareness, cleanliness mission and drug abuse develop critical thinking of the students and inculcate in them problem solving abilities.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
A social initiative of our college has been to help school students and school teachers by conducting health awareness based motivational and educative activities. Our College is located in the outskirts of Patiala city and is connected with various villages. The College adopted two nearby villages in which the awareness programs such as Drug Abuse, Stubble Burning, and Blood Donation Camp. The main reason of adopting these villages was the poor economic condition and lack of awareness of Government Schemes. Management took an initiative to provide free education to needy and meritorious students. The college also organized the group marriages of 21 girls from poor families in College campus.

Motivational Camps
From time to time, camps are arranged to motivate the students about career options, team work and social service. To motivate the students to go in for higher studies in science related disciplines, Department of Science and Technology (DST), Govt. of India, sponsored programme INSPIRE has been conducted for several years in the past. National Social Service (NSS) scheme also arranges camps to create a team spirit and inculcate a sense of social service in them. Red Ribbon movement inspires the students for blood donation. To sum up, institution is in the process of creating a holistic education system which creates a full educated person.