Computer Science-M.Sc.(IT)

“Doorway to Digital Transformation”

Today we are all witnessing the impact of globalization, liberalization and  this technological transformation has impacted all our lives.As an academic institute, it is necessary to address these challenges. Asian School of Computing offers its students a unique amalgamation of Professional and academic excellence. The department is well applauded for its modern, up-to-date and contemporary academic curriculum, programmes, mechanisms and structures. The department imparts quality education in the field of Computer Science and grooms students for higher caliber, skills, integrity, and future career planning. The overall experience is inspired by innovation and entrepreneurial skills.

(M.Sc I.T.) Master In Information Technology 


Programme Outcomes:
  • Build up programming, analytical and logical thinking abilities.
  • Get prepared for placement by inculcating technical and professional skills.
  • Design and develop computer programs/computer-based systems in the areas related to algorithms, networking, web design, Artifificial Intelligence, Machine Learning.
  • Provides technology-oriented students with the knowledge and ability to develop creative solutions. 

Diploma / Add-On Courses:
• Desktop Publishing(DTP)
• Web Development

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