Education-B.Ed.(2 years)

The B.Ed. Programme was launched in 2015 and B.A. B.Ed. in 2016 and since then the Faculty has not looked back and is proud of its outstanding achievements. Today, it feels distinguished and privileged for being one of the best college of Education in the region. The aim of the education college is to develop and nurture future academic professionals of the country. Education and Teaching are considered the noblest of all professions and is one of the most popular career choices among students. The Asian College of Education is dedicated to inculcate all the necessary academic, practical, and life skills to the students to facilitate their overall growth and success. It also helps in inculcating professional ethics along with human values in the student-teachers to help them take decisions and build paths in direction of overall progress of the society. We provide students with a large variety of learning aids and facilities to help them become pro-active and competent academic professionals. The students are provided with exposure to practical classroom teaching opportunities and relevant communication skills to help them gain confidence in their abilities. We believe that an academic professional should be ready to transform and make improvements in the established conventions of teaching.


B.Ed.(2 Years)



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