Systems and Procedures

Asian College of Education is having well-furnished infrastructure for academic growth and development of students. This infrastructure is planned in such a manner to avoid problems occurring in conducting the classes. The institution has sufficient academic infrastructure. It has well organised library, well maintained systematic laboratories, Language lab etc. that are required for the students.  

The physical, academic and support facilities like classrooms, seminar hall, auditorium, computer Lab, Psychology lab, Social Science Lab, Sports Room, Math & Science Lab, Language Lab, Counselling Room, Music Room, Home Science Lab, Art & Craft Room, Teaching Aid Room etc., are well maintained and used as per the standard procedure.


The librarian is the in charge for handling all the maintenance works required in the library through maintenance staff. The physical instructor takes responsibility for all repairs pertaining to sports equipment and courts. He has to maintain courts properly on daily basis with the help of the maintenance staff.


Systems and procedures for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities - laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms etc. are in place. The document relating to this is uploaded as additional information.



·The College has a separate Teaching Block with ICT enabled, well-functioning and maintained classrooms and tutorial rooms.

·Floor in-charges on every floor of the Classroom Building help students with ICT related work and report to the full time Caretaker with respect to maintenance of the classrooms.

·Servicing of Class Projectors’ Lenses and Filters is done annually.

·A team of efficient workers is responsible for keeping the college premises clean.


IT Infrastructure

·All computers in the college have UPS facility with Server Windows monitored and Antivirus updated on a daily basis and full system backup of MS Office done every quarter. 

·The College has appointed an IT Consultant to provide regular support services relating to computer hardware and software.

·IT Consultant checks projectors in College yearly and College Computer systems half yearly.



·Our physical instructor take care about the sports facilities in the college.

·The College has a Sports Storeroom with sports equipment for different sports.

·He also ensures regular upkeep of Yoga room, volleyball, and other physical facilities available in the campus.

·Physical instructor maintains the playgrounds in a proper manner from time to time with the help of working staff.


·The canteen was restructured in 2017.

·The food is prepared and served hygienically by canteen workers who wear aprons, head covers, service hand gloves etc..

·The Canteen has opened a fruits and fresh juice corner to cater to the nutritional needs of students. The Canteen promotes consumption of steamed food over fried food and less usage of spices.

·It is properly cleaned every day with pest control done every three months.

·Adequate steps like substitution of plastic plates with stainless steel plates, selling items packed in non-plastic material, discouraging single-use plastic, etc. are being taken with the aim of making the Canteen plastic free.

·The following are some of the guidelines of Food Safety and Standards Authority of India followed by the College Canteen :-

·Raw materials used in the kitchen are listed and approved by FSSAI. Processed material is purchased from identified vendors.

·Food contact surfaces are smooth for cleaning and without any pits, corrosion or foreign matter.




·All staff/students should record the use of computers in the Computer Entry Register mentioning time-in/out.

·Students have to enter and leave the Lab at their scheduled time otherwise they will be marked


·Students/Staff are required to maintain silence inside the Computer Lab.

·Use only your assigned computer.

·All students/staff will be responsible for keeping the Computer Lab clean.

·Report all problems related to the system/software to the lab-in charge.

·Save all work at the allotted location on the computer.

·Internet facility is strictly for educational purposes only.

·Be responsible while using equipment, software and other requisite facilities in the lab.

·The students/staff should properly shutdown the workstations before leaving.

·Switch off all power supplies before leaving the Computer Lab.


·Do not enter the lab unless permitted by the Faculty/Lab In-charge.

·Do not use cell phone inside the Computer Lab.

·Do not install or uninstall any program/game into the Computer.

·Do not use computers in the Lab for any personal work.

·Do not browse non-academic Internet Sites in the Computer Lab.

·Do not attempt to repair or tamper with any part/s of the computer or any other device in the Computer Lab.

·Do not move any equipment from its original location.

·Do not change the settings of any equipment/device in the Computer Lab.

·Do not carry bags, foodstuff and drink into the lab.

Library Rules:

·Library will remain open from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm on all working days.

·A student can get maximum 02 books for 14 days.

·Student can get a book re-issued if there is no demand from other student.

·There will be a fine of Rs. 2/- per day for the books retained beyond the date of return.

·In case of spoiling the books or in case of getting it lost somewhere, student will bear the expenses of replacing the book. If it cannot be replaced due to non-availability, the fine will be determined by the principal.

·Students will not be issued reference books/ rare books/journals/magazines.  

·Issued books can be requisitioned any time by the librarian.

·Use of mobile phone in library is strictly prohibited.

·Security fee payable at the time of admission Rs. 1000/-(One time . refundable)

Parking Rules:

·It is mandatory for students who are using college parking area have to follow the moto vehicle rules and regulation framed by the state and central government.  

·The students must park their vehicle in the parking area at their own risk. Nobody is allowed to park the vehicle on the road. Cars and Jeeps are not allowed.

·Do not sit on the parked vehicles.

·The student is advised to get their cycles/scooters/motorcycles insured against theft and not to keep wallet, bags, money, or cell phones in parked vehicles.

College Lawns

·The College has two efficient and experienced gardeners to maintain the lawns and flora of the College.

·We used our own compost produced yearly through pits located in College.

Other Information

·The College water tanks are cleaned annually.

·The College also has an RO water system installed with each cooling tower and they are regularly maintained by the vendors for the service.

·The College has a power generator, serviced annually.

·To conserve water, rainwater recharging system has been developed in the College.

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